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A man who got frustrated from a mediocre life and decide to change!!

So the reason for getting failed at many of my career attempts, any guess?
Yes, I never started any of these things even after having all the knowledge, I never took initiative and lived a fearful life and guess what, I never knew if I could have lived the life I wanted until one day when my life turned upside down.
My name is Amit Srivastav and I’m 29 years old and trust me till 27, I didn’t have 27 good memories, not even 1 memory per year but now I have many and I’ll teach you how to live your life every single day and create a life full of wonderful memories.
I’m here to share my message, help people who are struggling to cope up the daily challenges of life and start a movement to make you feel strong, confident and empowered despite life’s setbacks. Along with this, you’ll also find stories of great mentors, tips on how to pursue your passion and develop your skills and many more. It may not be easy to get to where you want to be and it will take dedication, hard work, and persistence. However, nobody said you need to reach your goals by tomorrow or by next week. Let’s take it one day at a time and one step at a time.

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” When sometime I feel upset, disappointed or restless, I open your Facebook page and start reading motivational stories and posts and feel refresh. “

Broker at Commodities

” You’ve helped me immensely with your motivational stories and posts, before I was always thinking Negativity
But now I’ve changed my perception of the situation  “


” Thanks for helping us become a success with your positive posts. Your writings are motivational, but that sense of humor took my eye like anything!!  “

Stay-at-home Parent

What can I do for you?

Life is Full of Choices, Either You Choose It Wisely or Else It Will Misuse You Wisely.

Feeling Demotivated?

Truth is, success isn’t always convenient… And on your way towards your DREAM LIFE, you’re going to be met with difficulties!!
There are times – many times – when things won’t go as planned. Your dreams will seem to crash. But you know what? That’s all part of the journey. That’s what makes success so good when you achieve it.

Lost in the Rat Race?

Take back your Power. Get away from people and situations that are preventing your growth. Carve out time to work on getting clear about what you need to be happy and fulfilled. Become positively selfish, eliminate all drama and takers from your life. Decide to create a loving, enjoyable stress free zone for your mental health and wellbeing.

Not Sure How To Overcome?

Who or what is in your ear? Is it you…or are you so full of noise and nonsense that you do not recognize your own still small voice. Have you ever wished…”If I had only listened to myself?”
By now, you have had enough life experience to know your inner voice. It takes courage and conviction to trust yourself and follow your own mind.

Need advice?

Dream BIG. Create a “No Matter What” mindset for success by challenging yourself to do GREAT things. 

Say GOODBYE to the you that has to go away forever, in order to say HELLO to the next extraordinary version of yourself.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.